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Independent Power

Theory of a separate food offered to the doctor-naturolog Herbert Shelton, based on experiments on the physiology of digestion. He wrote: "We do not receive benefits from food that is not absorbed. There are at the same time to spoil the food in the digestive tract - a waste of food." However, the worse it may be just what food remains undigested in the digestive tract and creates toxins in the expansion, which are very harmful to the human body. The essence of a separate feed that if the digestive tract get incompatible foods, their digestion becomes difficult, and fats and carbohydrates, which are not oxidized, appear in the body as fat.

Losing weight with activated charcoal

Excess weight and cellulite - two eternal problems of our time and methods of solving them is vast. To lose weight we sit on a diet: cottage cheese, apple, Kremlin, carbohydrate, vegetarian, according to Paul, Breguet and many others. BAA accepted and ICC. My head is spinning from a variety of ways to lose weight. And despite this, we are constantly seeks out something new that will help us for sure. We want to offer you another way to lose weight, using activated charcoal.

How do I remove the sides

If you regularly do special exercises, you can be free from such burning questions "How do I remove the sides?" All of these exercises are designed to work the lateral muscles of the abdomen and thighs. When you exercise to make sure that the pulse was over 150 beats per minute to increase the burning rate fat.

Folk remedies for weight loss

Slender body - is not only an essential element of beauty, but also the guarantee of health. Excess weight leads to many negative consequences for the whole organism: the violation of the cardiovascular system and metabolism, high blood pressure, cellulite and much more.

Hula Hoop

Even in ancient times was used to wrap the maintenance of tone and improve fitness. Massage Hula Hoop - a simulator that can make slim your figure. He also decides to some health problems that often arise precisely because of the extra pounds.

Extra pounds. How do I restrict myself from extra pounds during the holidays

Looks great in the holiday period, despite all the temptations. Many people are afraid to leave because, as a rule, it means a few extra pounds. Some even abandon their holidays and invitations to dinner, hoping to avoid some of the wrinkles. However, vacation is the perfect time to meet with relatives and friends whom you see regularly throughout the year, so it's important not to let the fear of being overweight can stop you from enjoying the joys of vacation.

Diet for blood group

Did you ever think, why can not you live without meat, and your girlfriend treats him with indifference? Why for some people there is nothing better than to eat barbeque, and other crazy some where carrot salad? Taste preferences inherited from the parents, we all people are different, but the researchers analyzed the diet of people with different blood groups, still showed some regularity.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

In order to lose weight necessarily need to follow a diet, do fitness and drink plenty of water. It is a truism. From the pages of magazines, on TV and we just do what they convince of the need to lose weight. And then tell us about diet, exercise and regulations. But without all of this can be avoided. The main thing is to live a healthy lifestyle, and instead pick up a fitness active employment on their own. It could be dancing. Or jogging. Or Bodyflex. By the way, about him and we want to talk about in this article. Breathing exercises for weight loss can help you regain a slender figure with no significant restrictions and quite a fast time.

In pursuit of an ideal figure-dance

Modern fitness clubs offer you various kinds of aerobic exercise - both from the classical, which is taught even Jane Fonda, as well as to modern aqua-aerobics. However, in the last few years a new direction - a dance. Aerobic dance has consistently attracted into its ranks more and more fans. What types of dancing practiced now in fashion fitness rooms, and how they attract women? Let's try to answer these questions.

Eat hudey

Many of us happen to sit on a diet and then during the "diet" period to deal with attacks of wild hunger and choke on a root the desire to eat a bit less tasty, but not available to the cake. Leave it in the past! Because now you can stop poisoning yourself dieting and start losing weight steadily and gently, almost imperceptibly for myself. Doctors submitted a list of the most useful in terms of weight loss products. Moreover, they are not only good for your health, but also help to seamlessly and efficiently burn those extra pounds. So, we list the best products for your figure:

Some moments when choosing a diet

Modern life gives us such conditions that the proper diet is necessary to think in the last turn. Crazy pace of life, constant tension, the rise of no breakfast, afternoon snack, hearty meal in the evening, a large amount of fat and flour products ... If a young body, and that not everyone with their grief in half withstand such loads, then with age it is all the greater effect on health and weight, among others.

Diet after giving birth

Uttering a terrible word "diet" we see ourselves painfully thin girl with a sad kind of gnawing apple, and kept standing up on the outdoor electronic scales. On the diets of good talk a little - dropping a diet danger twice as much weight gain, to earn a stomach ulcer, disrupt metabolism. Many are advised to choose a diet going to the fitness club and a little to limit yourself to food. Nevertheless, knowing the consequences of a diet, most women at least once in their lives go on a diet, buy household scales and begin to permanently control your weight.

The perfect food - the seeds germinated

It's not fashionable to lose weight and exhaust your body with strict and nasty diets. Many women, rather than periodically to limit themselves in eating habits, life chose for himself the power supply system, a significant part of the diet which are germinated seeds of wheat, sunflower and barley.

How to lose weight in lard

If you want to lose weight, drop in the direction of new-fangled kefir diet, and to actively use the bacon, ham and butter. No, it's not a joke, in fact, these products serve as the basis of the diet by Jan Kwasniewski. Polish nutritionist believes that producers of dairy products is beneficial to popularize kefir and yogurt diet, because then they go to all the tricks to attract buyers. Did our ancestors ate only one only fruits and milk? Never in my life. And in Poland, and Russia's favorite dish of our grandparents - potatoes fried in lard.

Toss to lose weight, start prettier

Girl, cute, and you wonder at least once over the fact that the word lose weight came from the word evil? Maybe that's enough already to lose weight, it's time prettier? You just listen: to lose weight, lose weight, thin, thin. And this: a slender, healthy, postroynevshaya, prettier? It sounds much better? Is not it?

Why do I have extra weight?

You look at yourself in the mirror and you rolls sadness? Extra pounds again took their place on your body? What did you do wrong when morili themselves afflicted by hunger and physical exertion? Why is following a diet cock again inexorably creeping up?

Fitness Shop

Many great minds thinking about how to combine business with pleasure, to be loved and deed to do, and lose weight at the same time. From the pages of glossy magazines are calling us to replace flour on the night, and meticulous experts constantly calculate, how many calories you can spend in a single sexual act. And only recently has smart people finally realized that in addition to sex women enjoy shopping, but if you combine all these with the problem of losing weight, you get a fitness shop, or, more simply, shopping, walking. Classes shopping-walking is not too complex, walk to the shops do not interfere with the weather (in hypermarkets, fortunately, have air conditioners), and walk among the beautiful things is a pleasure. Not surprisingly, the shop-fitness has become so popular.

Sweet Life in good shape

Never in my life met people who would not eat sweets. Yes, sweet love to all, adults and children, men and women. And I have to no exception. Never forget the pleasure I felt, eating their favorite eclairs with oily cream. ... Why has experienced, and I continue to do so, just changing the approach to the consumption of sweets. Abandon all of them would be for me the most difficult challenge. I therefore, in order to keep your body in good shape, and at the same time, there is sweetness found here is a way out.

Diet Housewives

It would seem that a woman is engaged in the house, she has free time for themselves, the ability to follow a diet and stick to healthy eating. All this, of course, great, but when you do several times a day, walk by the fridge ... When you cook a meal for the whole family and take care of children ... I think that comment is superfluous. Try to give some tips that are sure to lead you to harmony.

Lose Weight on a clever

My girlfriend is constantly eating ice cream, loves chocolate and can easily eat half a huge cake. And nothing, but she followed her sweet survey completely better, I did grow up in weight and the usual salad. Familiar? But the whole thing just heredity. It is not our stomach decides on what we can to recover, this responsibility lies on the genes. And over how to bring your weight in accordance with genotype beat doctors around the world. There's even a special science nutrigenomics - it examines the relationship between nutrition and genes. Already have an opportunity to get tested and know their genotype, although they cost a lot, and carried out far from each clinic.

Flexible diet - lose weight

Surprisingly, the main pleasures of a man is does not even sex, and food and sleep. And if the latter everything is clear: the more you sleep better, but that's about eating to say this, alas, is impossible. Products entering the body, becoming part of it and of course affect his health. Healthy eating does not mean that you need to forget about the bread and meat, stuffing a useful salad or cottage cheese. Flexible diet is based on the fact that each of us has dietary habits, struggle with which there is absolutely no sense. These habits need only be refined. How? On this our whole article.

This is very good, as long as we bad!

Did you know that the darkest time of night just before dawn? It just so happened that our lives are divided into white and black, good and evil, good and bad. We're used to black bars and can barely wait for little white stripes. But if turning bad into good, much can be corrected. Let's talk how bad things turn into good, and thus call for help that same blue bird of luck.

Funny muffler diet

Many strict diets do not allow the use of cereals, explaining that they are a lot of carbohydrates. And yet, in fact, most women believed that during the diet needed to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Is losing weight, eating only carbohydrates? Meanwhile, nutritionists say that on a normal diet is porridge (without sugar and salt, of course) will help get rid of 6.5 kgs in just one and a half to two weeks. Only now eat one fresh porridge, oh, it does not feel like it. But we will not. We approach this creative and talk about gay scarf diets.

Diet to cleanse the body

By the age of 25 in the body of any woman do not occur very pleasant change. Influences and a wrong way of life, and bad ecology, and even stress. Of course, the body has its own detoxification system, but eventually they begin to not work as expected. Only one way - a positive view of the world, and diet-detox. Although, in fact, it's not just a diet but a whole system of purification of toxins and wastes. If you have problems with skin and digestion, cleansing diet - that is, with what is necessary to begin the solution to all problems.

Where hidden calories?

Monday started the diet and the race for the calories? Familiar case. By the way, even if you do not think you'll probably be interested to know where to hide the hidden calories. From them, we often and better. In this article, we will search for calories and give you some tips on how to reduce their number.

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